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PAT's Passenger Assisted Training Scheme -


The Passenger Assisted Training Scheme (PAT’s) is the nationally accepted standard for the assessment and training of drivers or assistants who are responsible for passengers they are carrying or are accompanying. The scheme is designed to enhance the passenger awareness skills of assistants and to promote safer operations. Due to the high profile media coverage attracted by accidents the Community Transport Association (CTA) helped develop this scheme specifically to meet identified training requirements.

Who is this course for?

Training courses are applicable and are designed for any organisation operating vehicles and who have a care of supervision of passengers travelling by road in cars, taxis, minicabs or large buses. The course is relevant to volunteers as well as paid staff and covers legal, practical and safety issues. The aim is to improve passenger safety by providing the skills and information for passenger assistants to undertake and meet the needs of their passengers.

Unit content

Modular training is available for organisations to select those which meet their own training needs best.

  • Module A: typical 3 hours the roll of the passenger assistant
  • Module B1: typical 2.5 hours Assisting passengers with disabilities
  • Module B2: typical 2.5 hours Assisting wheelchair users
  • Module C1: typical 1.3 hours Supervising children and young people
  • Module C2: typical 1.3 hours Working with adults who require care

Each module is followed by a multi choice theory assessment and in addition he B modules have practical skill assessments.

The pass mark for theory assessments is 80%.

Course duration

Hours can vary dependant on numbers, venue etc.