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Counterbalance Forklift Truck - RTITB


To prepare candidates for employment as a Counterbalance truck operator where the RTITB licence is a requirement.

Who is this course for?

Novice - workers who are new to counterbalance forklift truck operations and have not had any formal training.

Experienced-Workers who have had some experience but have not had any formal training.

Conversion-Workers who have had some basic training on a different type of forklift truck and are currently operating or have recently been using the truck, (a copy of Certificate of Basic Training is required).

Refresher-Workers who have had some basic training and are currently operating or have recently been using the truck and need refreshed in conjunction with legislation, (a copy of Certificate of basic training is required).

Unit content
  • The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  • The Approved Code of Practice
  • The Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations 1992
  • To identify the basic construction and components, and the purpose and use of all controls and gauges.
  • To comply with manufactures instruction in accordance with the operators hand book.
  • Carry out all pre-use running checks.
  • Factors affecting stability.
  • Hydraulic/ Manoeuvre controls.
  • Manoeuvring in open and confined area.
  • Lorry Loading and Unloading.
  • De Stacking with laden and unladen pallets at different levels.
  • Lift, move loads to minimum and maximum of the machine.
  • Place the machine in and out of service condition.
Course duration

1 x Person = 3 days
2 x People = 4 days
3 x People = 5 days

Experienced Worker
1 x Person = 2 day
2/3 x People = 2/3days

Refresher (Proof of cert required)
1x Person = ½day
2x People = 1 day
3x People= 1 day

Conversion (proof of cert required)
1x Person = 1 day
2x People = 1½ day
3x People = 2 day

Start 8:30 am
Finish Approx. 4:30 pm