health and safety

Safety Harness Awareness -


At the end of the course the candidate will:-

  • Be aware of the relevant Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Be aware of the needs with regard to Personnel Protection.
  • Equipment (PPE) against falls from height and the relevant requirements.
  • Be able to identify and select the correct form of PPE against falls from height when using a MEWP.
  • Be able to inspect and maintain a harness and lanyard.
  • Be able to fit and use the harness and lanyard identified.
Who is this course for?

This Course is intended for all individuals who are required to wear a harness.

Unit content
  • Introduction
  • Legislation
  • Hierachy
  • MEWP's and harness - boom type & vertical type MEWP's
  • Harness / lanyard choice
  • Pre-use checks & correct usage
  • Harness statement
Course duration

1 Day Novice
1/2 Day Experienced worker
Start 8:30 am
Finish Approx. 3:30 pm