health and safety

Level 2 Award in Principle of Manual Handling - CIEH accredited


By the end of this session the student will be able to:

  • Explain what is meant by the term ‘manual handling’ and give examples
  • Explain how manual handling can cause injury and give examples
  • State the principles for controlling ‘manual handling’ risks and apply these in context
  • Demonstrate a general understanding of the value and purpose of conducting a manual handling assessment and what employees can expect of such assessment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the main provisions of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992
Who is this course for?
Unit content

What is manual handling?
Manual handling quiz

  • Impact exercise

Definition of manual handling

  • Key manual handling tasks
  • Potential problems for discussion
  • Ideas

Manual handling injuries

  • Human Spine and Lever Principle
  • Actions that cause injuries

Manual handling risks

The Task

  • Lifting zones
  • Awkward movement or awkward posture
  • Excessive lifting, lowering or reaching distance
  • Excessive carrying distance
  • Excessive pushing pulling
  • Risk of sudden movement of loads
  • Frequent or prolonged physical effort
  • Insufficient rest periods
  • Handling while seated
  • A work-rate imposed by a process

The Load

  • Weight
  • Bulk or shape
  • Stability
  • Physical properties

The Working Environment

  • Space constraints
  • Uneven, slippery or unstable floors or surface variation in floor levels or work surfaces
  • Extremes of temperature and humidity
  • Poor lighting
  • Poor ventilation
  • Weather conditions

The persons capabilities

  • Strength
  • Height
  • Ability or skill
  • Health problems or medical conditions
  • Special knowledge or training

Manual Handling Operation Regulation 1992

  • Employers and employees responsibilities

Avoiding the risks

  • Automation
  • Mechanisation

Manual Handling Assessment

  • Unavoidable hazardous manual handling operations
  • Suitable and sufficient, competent person
  • Records

Assessment checklist - Manual Handling control options Test

  • 30 Multi choice questions marked by CIEH
Course duration

4 hours plus test paper
Start 8:30 am
Finish Approx. 1:30 pm